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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hot Summer Days

Well, where I live (Manitoba, Canada) we've been hit with a heat wave over the past few days so I'm staying mostly in my house where it's a bit cooler than outside. With baby's arrival day coming very close now with only 1.5 weeks left until due date the hot humid temperatures are making it quite difficult for me to stay positive! Heat used to be something that I thrived on but after having a few kids mild temperatures are much appreciated.

Last night my hubby decided to spend the night tenting on the lawn with the kids. By 11 pm youngest girlie was in the house and tucked into her crib. I was very content to stay in my air conditioned room for the night. By 4 am the rest of the clan came stumbling up the stairs hoping to find a cooler spot to spend the rest of the night and hoping to avoid the storm in the distance. Good thing they made that choice as that storm was quite something!

As far as my crochet, I'm still keeping up with orders and hoping to get a few more items made for my little one. Once we're settled in with baby I have a few items to introduce to everyone that I'm very excited about and hope you will be too!

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