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Thursday, March 24, 2011


I find this time of year brings to mind all the things I love to do in the summer and camping happens to be one of them! My parents own a 160 acre wilderness property just over 30 minutes from our place and it is the absolute favourite place to go for us! Camping there consists campfires, delicious meals cooked on open fire, and very dirty children! Since our baby will be one this summer we are hoping to head out a few times to enjoy nature and some quiet time with those dearest to us. In thought of that, I curated a treasury of some beautifuly items on Etsy that remind me of camping, and forests. And since I love vintage finds I threw in a couple of those as well!

Have a great day!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fan Challenge

I'm always brainstorming new ways of growing my fan/customer base so here is an incentive for you!

For every 5 contacts/friends you refer to my Facebook page (They have to "Like" my page) you will receive 10% off your next order. If you refer 10 people you get 20%, 15 you get 30%. 30% is the maximum you can receive.

Here's how you make your referrals count. They have to write on Prairie Blossom's wall saying you sent them including first and last name so I know who to give credit to. If new fans don't tell me who sent them then I can't give you credit...very important.

If you want to post to your status you could say something like: Head over to @Prairie Blossom Boutique, become a fan and post on her wall that I sent you and then check out her blog to see how you can participate.

This opportunity will run until March 31 and whoever has the highest number of referrals will win a little something :)

I will issue coupon codes after March 31.

Have fun!

Friday, March 18, 2011

More Options With Hats

Happy Friday! I'm so excited that spring is officially two days away! I know that doesn't guarantee green grass and beautiful flowers just yet but makes me hopeful that summer is around the corner!

Ever wish you could get more out of one purchase? I have recently introduced clip-on flowers for my hats. You can now purchase any style hat with three interchangeable flowers for $6 more. This allows you to wear that hat by itself or with one of the three flowers to match more outfits. Plus you can wear the clips by themselves! So with one purchase you can create 7 looks! My girls absolutely love wearing the clips in their hair. I will also be introducing headbands in the near future and will incorporate them into a package deal as well. Here's an example of a hat with three clips:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wishing for Spring

We're 4 days into March and the itch for spring is becoming very apparent in our home! Green grass, swimming pools, flowers, birds, fresh veggies from the garden are a very common topic these days. I just love the sparkling eyes and broad smiles on my kids when we talk of spring and summer. Living in a climate with extreme cold temperatures really causes one to appreciate the few warm months we get to embrace each year. Having said that, I do love our climate changes. We get a bit of everything here.

On another note, I love window shopping on Etsy! I recently joined a team on Etsy and that has gotten me into window shopping and I'm fascinated every day with the beautiful handmade items you can find there! I have also made some purchases already and have loved everything I've received so far! Here is one treasury I made a few days ago.

Happy Friday and hope you all have a good weekend!