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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Kids!

So you will most likely see my children's faces in my shop often as they are always available and they are very, very adorable!

My oldest is Bronson and he is turning 6 in a bit over a month. He is just finishing up kindergarten and has had a very positive experience so far and loves to learn. Here he is modelling one of my hats. He's not too crazy about being in front of the camera so he might appear less frequently but isn't he so handsome?

My second oldest, Elizabeth (named after my mom), turned 4 this past April and is extremely energetic and carefree when she's well. She is our miracle child as she was born with serious complications in her kidneys/bladder. After two surguries and some hospital stays she has done quite well and has proven to us over and over again how brave she is! Here she is, beautiful as always:

Our third, Emily is 2 1/2 years old and she has an awesomely cheerful personality and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her! She's our first to inherit daddy's beautiful blue eyes. She'll have to adjust to losing her "baby" satus in a few weeks with number 4 coming but I think she'll make a wonderful sister:

Pictures of the girls were taken by my sister Rosie.

And in case you haven't become a fan of my Facebook page yet, I'm sitting at 49 sales and to celebrate sale #50 I'm reimbursing shipping costs to whomever makes that sale!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful work and photography. You have darling models.