Welcome to Prairie Blossom's blog. This is my official spot to do giveaways so be sure to check back occasionally to avoid missing out. Curious who is behind these adorable hats? I will try to blog on a more personal level as well so you can find out!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome to Prairie Blossom's blog! As a grand opening to my blog I'm celebrating by giving away the following hat in your choice of size and colour!

To enter the draw you can do the following:

1. Become a follower of my blog
2. Head over to my Etsy shop and comment here on the blog about an item you like.
3. Link to this giveaway on your blog.
4. Link to this giveaway on your Facebook account.
5. Post about this giveaway on your Twitter account.
6. Become a fan of Prairie Blossom Boutique on Facebook.

You can do all six items above and get your name entered into the draw six times! Make sure you leave a comment under this post of all the above ones you've done so I can enter your name into the draw enough times.

The draw will close on Tuesday, May 11 2010 so you have one week! The winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 12 2010 so make sure you check back then.


  1. Hiya!
    I now subscribe to your blog, I'm a fan of your fb page, I posted this giveaway on my fb page and I posted this on my blog as well! :)


  2. Hi, I checked out your Etsy Shop and love, love, love -- the Crochet Newsboy Beanie - Chunky - pink with off white flower and pink centre (12 - 24 Months) --. Linked this give away to my Facebook Account and became a Fan on Facebook :)

    You can look me up on Facebook...
    Teri-Lynn Sauve
    to let me know when I have won ;) LOL. Big thanks to Risk Photography for sharing your page! :)

  3. Hi Irma! I love the Crochet Elf Hat. I think that will be my next purchase!

    I am a fan of your fb page, posted this on my fb page, became a follower of your blog, posted this on my blog http://roxannajphotography.myfotojournal.com/2010/may/04/prairie-blossom-boutique/ , and commented on an item :) I'd love to win another hat :)

  4. You are amazing! So hard to pick the one you like the best. But I kept going back to the Crochet Beanie - Striped - red, off white, brown with brown flower for 0-3 months.

    I facebooked it facebook.com/carissachristine
    I became a fan on fb.
    I followed your blog.
    I tweeted twitter.com/ccfoetoegrafie
    I blogged blog.carissachristine.com

    WOW. Keep my fingers crossed!
    & I blogged it too!

  5. Hi,
    I absolutely LOVE the crochet Newsboy Beanie -chunky - warm brown with pink flower. So cute.

    I became a fan on FB, I made a link for it on FB,and I commented on the item I love.
    Hope it works...or else I guess i might just have to buy it. :)

  6. I hope I'm doing this right...I'm following what everyone else did - leaving one comment with all the things I did, rather then leaving 4 separate comments????

    1. I'm following your blog
    2. I love the hat you're giving away the most - in the country brown...or country pink...or any color. :)
    3. I tweeted about the good news saralp30 (I couldn't find you on twitter though??)
    4. I'm a fan on facebook
    5. I posted the giveaway on facebook!

    I hope I win!!

  7. I like the crochet beanie with the red button!

  8. became a subscriber

  9. love the Crochet Beanie - Striped - red, off white, brown with brown flower (3 - 6 Months)

  10. I am a facebook fan and I love the hat Elizabeth is wearing (pick with the big purple flower :) So happy to see you doing something you really enjoy! :)

  11. And I am going to follow your blog (this is all pretty new to me, "techy" stuff!)

  12. I LOVE your items. I would really like to see your hanging baby pouch with a baby in it....(hint)

    My favorite ESTY item is the crocheted newsboy hat, chunky, in sage.


  13. Hi there,

    I love your brown newsboy hat. I am following your blog. Became a facebook fan, shared your site on my facebook, and shared the giveway. I cant wait to order some hats as soon as my son is born!!

  14. O my, a give-away!!! :D :D
    Your work is so lovely!
    Congrats on the *NEW* blog!

    (1) I am now a follower of your blog!
    (2) I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE! BOTH the exact hat you are giving away in this post. (blue hat w/ white flower with yellow center!) AND the "Crochet Beanie - Chunky - jute with adorable red button (0 - 3 Months)"
    (3) I linked this giveaway to my blog... www.eriknemily.blogspot.com
    (4) I linked this giveaway on my FB.
    (5) I became a fan on FB.

    I only *wish* I had Twitter too! :(

    ...i HOPE i win!!! :D

  15. I love your hats Irma!! I am a blog follower.

  16. love the chunky newsboy beanies! yay got one :)
    did, 1,2,4,5 &6!

  17. I really love everything you make, but especially your Stork Pouch/kangaroo pouch photography prop for newborns! I've been wanting a prop like that for a while now!! :-)

  18. I love the chunky newsboy hat with the flower! I am a fan on facebook, a follower and I commented here!!! :D Love you Irma!!

  19. Awesome stuff.....Would love to win.

  20. i LOVE that i that bought!! the quality is outstanding and the colors divine. would love to win one! off to check out your other sites. :)
    beverly wright (discoveryoflife.com)

  21. Your hats are beautiful!
    1-I am a follower of this blog :)
    2-My favorite item from your shop is the chunky newsboy beanie -pink with off white flower 3-6mo
    3-Already a fan on FB
    4-Posted about the giveaway on my FB
    Thank you!

  22. What a coincidence your contest ends on my birthday! When i saw that I had to enter LOL
    I am a fan on facebook and have linked back to the contest on my profile http://www.facebook.com/cangels
    i am a follower of your blog and I have been in your etsy store several times in the last few weeks and still cannot decide between the chunky elf beanie (the fuzzy blue and brown one), the sage chunky newsboy beanie or the Striped Crochet Beanie in the brown, blue, and off white (3 - 6 Months)... I have a new baby grandson that I am constantly photographing and just adore your hats.
    I found your facebook page through my being a fan of simply rosie photography and just had to find out where she found those amazing hats she used in her newborn shoots!
    Keep up the amazing work! I can't wait to see the props that you're working on!

  23. Just became a follower of your blog!

  24. Looked at your Etsy shop and I like the NB pink with off white flower newsboy hat!

  25. Posted on my FB page:

  26. Tweeted too!

    and have become a "liker"

  27. your blog is CUTE! LOVE your hats. following your blog. :-)

  28. already a fan on facebook. :-)

  29. posted about it on my facebook page!!!


  30. love them all on your etsy! newsboy hat & elf hat are my favorites. :-)

  31. Became a fan on FB, Posted about the give-a-way on FB.

    Headed over to your etsy site and I love love love the Crochet Newsboy Beanie - Chunky - pink and off white (5T - Preteen)

    And became a follower.

    I don't twit sorry : (

    What adorable stuff you have.

  32. Do you have a store that you sell this at. i would like to come by to check them out

  33. @Nasly, I have a few items in a boutique in Fargo ND right not. Other than that I have my online shop at www.PBlossomBoutique.etsy.com. I hope in the future I will have my product available in some more stores. Thanks for you interest.

  34. Hey I found your blog. :) I am a follower now!

  35. Hi Irma,
    I like the crochet newsboy hat with flower in brown and pink for newborns. Sooooo adorable!

    I posted your blog link on twitter and I'm a facebook fan and posted on my facebook profile. My twitter account is @racheljphotog and facebook is rachel j photography fan page.

    I hope I win one of your hats. They're stunning!!!

    Thanks for having the contest,
    Rachel J

  36. I checked out your Etsy website. I love the Chunky Newsboy Beanie! In yellow with a pink flower (6 - 12 Months), would be gorgeous. My daughter is named after my grandmother, and her favourite colour was yellow.

    Beautiful work.

  37. Hello Irma,
    I just placed my order for 4 of my favorite creations! (so hard to choose they are all so amazing!). I can't wait to get them....maybe I will get lucky and win one too!
    Jenn Tower

  38. Hi Irma,
    Beautiful work! I love the newsboy hats, my 7-year-old daughter has been bugging me to order her a green one with a crocheted flower on it. What can I say, the girl has style already. I just photographed a newborn in one of your gorgeous creations, I'll have to send you one of her photos.

    Melanie Kapilik

  39. Prairie Blossom BoutiqueMay 10, 2010 at 10:42 AM

    Thanks Melanie, I would love to see some pictures!

  40. LOVE the chunky sage newsboy beanie! I normally don't even like green but MAN, I love that hat! :)

  41. dennifer echepareMay 10, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    i love your hats!!! i became a fan on face book. dennifer

  42. Hi there! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your hats, very precious on the newborns especially. I found your site through your sister's photography site. You are both so very talented. I would like to enter the contest, and I am now a follower of your blog, became a fan of Prairie Blossom Boutique on facebook and really love the hat for the giveaway, (so sweet) and also LOVE the chunky crochet beanie and the crocheted newsboy beanie!I am also linking to this contest on my facebook page! Thanks! Annie Cassan

  43. Hey!

    I follow your blog
    I love all your work but my favorite is the chunky beanie(yellow with pink flower)
    I linked to this on facebook
    I was already a fan on facebook (Does that count?)
    I love your blog by the way