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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Sisters

In my previous post I wrote a bit about me and mentioned that my sisters are my best friends. My sisters are also a big part of what I am doing with my work.

My sister Vera, creates beautiful images with her camera! She has nine beautiful children so a lot of models for her to work with! Here's a picture just to show you what I'm talking about! You'll see more of her work pop up in my blog, Facebook, and Etsy.

My sister Rosie from Simply Rosie Photography also has incredible talent! I keep thinking she's perfected her work and then she surprises me with something even better! She is a mom to three boys so my girls are always available to her if she needs a princess fix. You can see her work at www.simplyrosiephotography.ca. here's a picture of her talent:

My sister Marlene is only 1.5 years older than me so we've gone through all life experiences together. She recently moved back to Manitoba after living in Ontario for the first 7 plus years of marriage and I am so happy about that! Her daughters I'm sure will be frequent models for my hats! They are so adorable! Here's her youngest (picture taken by my sister Rosie):

Then there's my oldest sister Layna and my youngest sister Janie whom you have not seen anywhere in my posts yet. My oldest sister is a cheerful and giving person who keeps us laughing and is very supportive of her younger sisters. She has 6 beautiful children so who knows, some more modelling potential maybe? My youngest sister Janie lives in Saskatchewan so right now we don't see very much of her. She enjoys crocheting like I do so who knows, maybe someday we will have an opportunity to join forces.

Here's a link to some pictures taken of us last fall by Rosie's husband:


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