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Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Design!

I've had slouchy newsboys on my mind since I started Prairie Blossom. They have always been one of my personal favourites. Since sales have slowed down since the holiday rush I've had some time to design. I spent enough hours designing that I even dreamt of slouchy's a few nights!

You might be curious what my design process is? I'm not one to sit down with a pen and paper and write out a pattern or sketch or anything like that. An idea or stitch combination comes to mind and when I have some time I get the hook and yarn out and start working. I have a clear vision of the finished product so with that in mind I keep my girls handy and try the hat on as I crochet. Something doesn't look quite right, I unravel and change it a bit. Sometimes the entire hat gets unravelled but in the end I've created exactly what I had envisioned. I am very happy with my final product and love the look the create on my girlies! They are already available in my Etsy shop so you can head over there to check them out.

On a nonbusiness topic, it's mid February and we are longing for spring to come upon us! We had a few snow-melting days last week and quickly got spoiled by it. We're back into a stretch of cold weather here but hope it won't last too long! The kids and I frequently talk about going outside with bare feet, planting the garden, and all the other exciting things that come with spring!

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