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Friday, August 13, 2010

Autumn Colours

Here where I live I'm seeing more and more hints of autumn every time I look outside. The temperatures still feel like summer but I know fall is just around the corner. I absolutely love the colours and temperatures that fall brings but it also brings to mind that winter is going to follow! So with fall and going back to school in mind I have been working on a few hats that suit this time of the year. My sister from Simply Rosie came out to my place yesterday to photo shoot my girls in a few of them so soon I will have some more beautiful choices of hats in my shop!

As far as my baby is concerned, he's doing very well! Unbelievably the first month has come and gone already and a part of me feels sad to see him grow out of the sleepy newborn stage already. He has been very good too me and we love snuggling despite the extremely warm temperatures we've had lately!


  1. can't wait to see more hats from you! and your comment on baby is just so sweet!

  2. K today is the first time I have seen autumn signs and I have seen several people comment about that season being around the corner! NOOOO!! Sorry but I for some reason am not at all looking forward to summer being gone! And have to get Hannah one of your cute hats for the winter...but ahum...I don't want to talk about that! :)